For over 40 years volunteers have played a crucial role in saving the SS Robin, helping to restore, maintain and open her up for the benefit of her many visitors. In return she has provided training and volunteering opportunities for people of all ages. 

As of November 2017 we are reviewing proposals for the display and preservation of the Robin. This means that we are not able to offer volunteer opportunities at this time, but hope to do so again soon.

If you are interested in signing up to help then please email us your details at:   


Corporate Volunteering

We have worked closely with corporate partners to deliver a range of creative and positive volunteering opportunities, ideally for small teams.

If you work for a business and would like to get involved in a volunteering day then please send us your details via the email above.


What our volunteers say......

“The SS Robin Trusts Internship Programme has given me the opportunity to gain practical project skills and experience which I’ve not found anywhere else. Working with the Trust's museum collection and archive has provided invaluable experience that I have brought to subsequent jobs and interviews. I think the most important and unique part of the programme is how involved I feel in the project and that my contribution is valuable and important.”   


Bryony Davies, SS Robin Graduate Intern 2009-11


“Having joined SS Robin's volunteering programme in December 2010 I have gained some invaluable skills and experience, with great support from the management team. I feel that SS Robins volunteering programme is designed to consider and reflect, as far as possible, the volunteers interests and the areas/skills they wish to develop. The programme has provided me with continuous development opportunities and monitoring through regular group and one-to-one meetings, with a chance to adjust the direction of my input accordingly where possible. The projects I have had the privilege to work on have allowed me to use my own initiative, to grow within the role and work in an environment where my ideas, opinions and contributions are valued and reflected in SS Robin‟s outputs. It has been a pleasure to work with SS Robin staff and other volunteers.”


       Juliana Proskourina, SS Robin Graduate Intern 2010-11


“Looking at the projects as a whole, it will look brilliant on my CV. Every time I ever did something  a little different to what most people do, I always thought, someone out there has done this as  well. However with this, I know that it is a unique project as Robin is the world’s last steam  coaster. The experience was very good for me. I enjoyed myself, I picked up important skills and I have 

done something that will stand out among what some others have done. Overall, I think it’s safe

to say that only good has come out of what I have done with the SS Robin Trust.”

         Ben Hilsenrath, Conservation Volunteer August 2011