Join The Docks

Robin sits in London’s greatest urban regeneration zone; the Royal Docks, dating from 1855 and made up of 3 kilometers of water, once the largest of its kind in the world. The water, dockside edges and derelict land which surrounds them are to be transformed, with imaginative new uses for the benefit of communities, businesses and visitors from far and wide. The Royal Docks will become a cultural and heritage destination which matches central London and Greenwich in scale and offer.


The Trust hope to support these plans, perhaps as part of a wider London themed collection of historic boats with SS Robin as the ‘mother ship’ at its centre as an new open air museum collection for the visiting public. With almost no mooring spaces in London, this is a golden opportunity for the small number of historic vessels surviving.

Ship & Pontoon

SS Robin due to her age, condition and historical rarity no longer floats, but instead sits on a specially constructed display platform or Pontoon, currently moored beside Millenium Mills and opposite the ExCel Centre.

New Opportunity?

The mighty Pontoon built in 2010 with its huge interior space is designed to contain museum, cafe, classrooms, toilets and services not yet installed. With plans for the Royal Docks underway these spaces are perfect for temporary pop up events and other exciting meanwhile uses.


Works Needed

SS Robin is in good condition having been restored and painted externally in 2010-11. Interior spaces of the ship require some restoration works to allow full public access onboard. The Victorian steam engine requires refurbishment so that it can be turned for display, some cabins need to be reinstated to represent the era when the ship was launched and a few missing parts need to be faithfully replicated. Sound, light, interpretation and artifacts are needed to bring the ship back to life to give visitors a taste of life at sea.